Terms and Conditions

Privacy law requires Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC) to ensure that any access to its records is restricted to authorised persons and for justified medical treatment purposes only. Perth Radiological Clinic also needs to protect its electronic systems and networks from viruses, other malware and unauthorised entry.

We therefore require every individual who wishes to use PRC Direct to agree to comply with certain restrictions, and to act in a way that maintains privacy for our patients, referrers and staff and security of our information systems. As part of this, you will also be agreeing to Perth Radiological Clinic conducting regular audit of any or all episodes of external access to its PACS and RIS, for the purpose of monitoring compliance.

Confidentiality Agreement:

I agree to comply at all times with Perth Radiological Clinic’s policies related to the security and privacy of its electronic records.

I will keep my user name and password confidential.

I will act responsibly to maintain the security and integrity of the information systems that I use, so as to minimise the chance of any problems or security breaches for Perth Radiological Clinic.

I will only look at patients’ medical imaging records for the purposes of providing diagnostic or treatment services to them and not for any other reason. Browsing through patient records or accessing records that are not required is strictly prohibited.

I will ensure that unauthorised people cannot gain access to confidential information.

If I need to copy or print images or other information from Perth Radiological Clinics’ systems, I will treat them as confidential medical records.

I agree to comply with any audit by Perth Radiological Clinic or its agents, of access to its digital systems.

I understand my responsibility for respecting patients’ privacy and protecting the confidentiality of information to which I have access, and will comply with all relevant privacy laws and codes including, but not limited to the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 including amendments.

I indemnify Perth Radiological Clinic in relation to all losses, damages, actions, claims, costs or expenses which may be brought against, suffered, or incurred by Perth Radiological Clinic as a direct or indirect result of my failing to comply with any of the terms set out above.

I agree to Perth Radiological Clinic revoking my access to PRC Direct in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.